Civil War Trivia

Civil War Widows That are Still Alive
(as of 7/97)
Union Daisy Anderson, 97 of Denver, Colorado, was married to Pvt. Robert Anderson and served in the 125th United States Colored Troups. They were married in 1922 when she was 21 and he was 79.
Bertha January (not confirmed), whereabouts unknown.
Alberta Martin, 90, of Elba, Alabama, was married to Pvt. William Jasper Martin and served in Company K of the 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment. She was a a widow at age 21 in 1927 when she married Martin who was 81.

Arlington National Cemetery

was formally Robert E. Lee's Home. In the spring of 1864, General Meigs, USA, was ordered to find another site around Washington DC for another military cemetery. He picked Lee's house. Lee never sat foot on his property again after he left it in 1861. The irony is that all the men Lee was killing in battle were getting buried in his own lawn.

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